Mozdivers is a technical diving and marine research facility in Mozambique. It is the results of the culmination of more than a decade of experience in the region during the period of 1998 to now, including conducting research projects, creating the Zavora Marine Lab, involvement in running bespoke dive tours, working in various dive centres,  and opening the first fully equipped technical diving facility in Mozambique. Our team is formed by dedicated scientists and pioneering exploration divers who are passionate about science, conservation, diving and exploration.

In 2013 Mozdivers joined with Zavora Marine Lab. to work on the cutting edge of marine biology, scientific, technical and rebreather diving in Africa.

Our vision is to understand marine life through robust research and conserve our ecossystem sharing experience and knowledge with other people. We offer unrivaled service, drawing from our broad knowledge and experience, from marine science internships, specialized expeditions, technical and rebreather diving training, customized guided dive tours to technical and scientific consultancy.

You can find the information you need here on the site or by sending us a mail  CONTACT US